Contemporary Art Museum Plainview

Recently, The Bowerbird checked in with Jon Whitfill about CAMP, the new Contemporary Art Museum Plainview.

The Bowerbird: So, you are on the board for CAMP (along with other Lubbock-tied artists, like BC Gilbert and Kathy Kelly.) How did that come together?

Jon Whitfill: I honestly don't know how that all came together. Kelly Allison is the driving force behind CAMP, and I didn't know her previously to this venture. I was contacted by her and asked if I would like to serve on the Board of Directors, which sounded pretty damn important, and so I accepted! I do know now that she was interested in my ties to CASP and my knowledge of Texas artists outside of Lubbock in order to potentially further CAMP's influence across the state and in the Panhandle. I guess we will see.

The Bowerbird: There is an opening coming up soon- what should we expect?

Jon Whitfill: What we can expect from this show... Man, I gotta say, there isn't a show like this anywhere in this area, nor has there been for a very long time. The space is not a traditional gallery space, the town is small and even more remote than Lubbock, but I can't remember a show within a 300 mile radius that will have this many respected and revered Texas artists in attendance. I know that the major cities have group shows with 12-15 artists that mostly can make their opening, especially if they reside there - but to have all of these major Texan artists collect themselves in Plainview is akin to a Marfa-esque type pilgrimage. I'm not only excited to be on the board for CAMP and help in what ways I can in that regard, I'm honestly pumped about going to Plainview, staying the night with some of the art crew from Lubbock to rub elbows at this exciting new venue for art in this diverse state.

CAMP has their grand opening November 10, 2017, "Big Art in Small Town." Artists include Daniel Anguilu, Sherry Owens, Kelly Moran, Katy Anderson, Sharon Kopriva, Dandee Warhol, Emily Peacock, Emily Sloan, Ben Tecumseh DeSoto, Patrick Medrano, Joe Barrington, Steven Kraig+Patrick Renner, and Benito Huerta. For more info, click here.

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