Holding Vigil at September FFAT

America (Texas, especially) has a lot going on. One event at September FFAT serves to remind us that there is only one side- yes, it's a reference to Trump's "both sides" remarks- the side of human decency and those willing to stand firm for it.

"Used to Be Boys": Installation shot of Alexis McGrigg's MFA Thesis exhibition, Blackness: Violet Deep

"There is Only One Side: A Vigil and Reading" will be held at Studio 4 @CASP, with readings by Kenna Neitch, Apryl Lewis, Amelia Reyes, Catherine Ragsdale, James Villanueva, Victoria McReynolds, Curtis Bauer, Chen Chen, and "ranney." The visual arts component of the event will be met by Alexis McGrigg and Patrick Quarm. The event aims to address the following:

"Friday, we gather to hold vigil for every life lost at the hands of systematic oppression, racism, and a society that too often chooses to look away. What has happened in Charlottesville is not the death rattle of an isolated radical group. This is the beginning if we are not vigilant. Please join us in shared pursuit as we hear works of protest, longing, and memoriam."

In conjunction with the event, the studio host and co-coordinator, Victoria Marie Bee, will be fundraising for Hurricane Harvey relief. If you are interested in participating or continuing the vigil in the months to come, please contact the event coordinators: Jessica Smith, Ghi Fremaux, and Victoria Marie Bee.

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