Skin of Years @TTU Satellite

“Skin of Years: Nudism and the Aging Body” is slick and electric – a true exercise of the senses. Ghislaine Fremaux challenges perceptions of embodiment, transforming skin into vibrant mesh folds of light and neon.

Necks, groins, and abdomens invite us into dazzling webs of hue, their immediacy of marks encased by pools of resin. Exposed charcoal gestures peek through unrendered parts of flesh, revealing the underpinnings of each figure. Compositions are woven by saturation and skeleton, equally capturing the slick vibrancy and raw gesture that comprise each drawing. Paired with each piece is an excerpt of dialogue from the model, allowing us another perspective of the physical bodies we are seeing. These works become more than a testament to the physical self. In union with their interview transcripts (displayed adjacent each piece), these become a re-discovery of the underrepresented (read: aging) body.

Skin wields a new vocabulary, the often-orange and purple flesh tones becoming a point of entry. Monumental in size, the viewer must search the crevices and joints like they would lips and eyes. The velvety shadows and rich undercarriages re-weigh the view of a seen body. Just as important as the intentional lines, these figures are smudged with fingerprints and stray marks. They are bodies made by a body, thriving and breathing through the gesture and evidence of their making.

*”Skin of Years: Panel Discussion and Closing Reception” will be held at the Texas Tech School of Art Satellite Gallery this Thursday (June 15th) from 6-9 PM. Photos courtesy of Madeline Hensler.

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