LHUCA Celebrates 20 Years of Art

LHUCA is “Celebrating 20 Years of Art” until March 25th, with a wide range of artists on display, with the prerequisite of having “contributed to the history of (LHUCA’s) campus”. So, what kind of works were on display? We decided to look at patterns in materials and subject matter. Here are our findings:


Painting/Drawing: 50

Ceramic: 18

Photo: 13

Found Object/Wood: 12

Metals: 8

Textile: 6

Printmaking: 4

Notable Subject Matter:

Landscape: 26

Animals: 24

Abstract Expression: 17

Men: 16

Still Life: 13

Hearts: 12

Women: 8

Portrait: 8

Skulls: 6

Indians: 1 (Editor's Note: Term used tongue-in-cheek as a reference to "western" natives or Native Americans used in cliche art. Please don't troll us.)

Cowboys: 0


People Touching the Art During the Opening: Way Too Many

People Putting Their Head in a $6500 Ken Little Sculpture to Take a Selfie: Way Too Many

Pieces Sold: 11

Artists Currently or Formerly Represented by Charles Adams Gallery: 31

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