Photo Essay: LaMere at No Where House

The group show of Texas Tech Sculpture students "No Where House" was on view at the LHUCA Warehouse space as part of the November First Friday Art Trail. Nicolle LaMere’s “Broken Connection: How to Cast a Circle in 10 Easy Steps” is a complicated undertaking.

The basis of the work is a cast circle (of the type used ritualistically in spell-casting), though LaMere invokes so many other elements that it serves as the center of a larger exercise in exploration of formal symbolism. The circle itself appears to be salt, and four large clay bowls with candlelit interiors mark the four cardinal points of the circle. Around the edges, natural wood frames support deer skulls centered over more salt circles.

The primary circle’s center is a white lace robe or gown, also headed with a deer skull. Each material, shape, and position in the work is carefully considered, and the effect is that of a protection ritual—an unusual sensation in the middle of a show of contemporary sc­ulpture.

Overall, the piece works as a straight-faced consideration of the power of symbol in transporting the viewer to another place; it remains as, if not more powerful than earnest efforts of contemporary sculpture and installation to reframe the viewer’s vision and perception of a space. ­­­­

* The author's opinions are his own. Photos courtesy of Ryan Shelburne.

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