September First Friday: Bruce Lee Webb

*Flying Saucers Are Real will be on view until October 29th, 2016.

Newly on view at LHUCA is Bruce Lee Webb’s solo exhibition “Flying Saucers Are Real”. Webb’s curious, childlike ink-on-fabric drawings are humorous, occasionally sophisticated recollections of folk art in the American South.

Portraying a variety of forms, but most commonly birds and human figures, each is a story of the rural, southern culture we occasionally see when passing through a very small East Texas or Louisiana town, but which has mostly faded from our cultural memory. The figures, in keeping with their tradition, feature exaggerated facial figures and thick, expressive, simple lines. He also shows an unusual captivation with phrenology, the archaic pseudo-science of diagnosing personality traits and disorders by examining the shape and proportion of various parts of the head and face.

His folk art and what could be called folk science are drawn on postal bags or other weathered pieces of fabric. Anthropomorphized, these works would be odd old farmers, seemingly simple but full of stories and folk-wisdom, so pure as to be a time capsule of their youth and a relic of another era of Americana.

*Photocredits: Ashley Webb

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