August FFAT: Part II

On view in the LHUCA main hall is Joey Brock’s Beyond the Looking Glass. The body of work begins with a loaded, engaging concept and proceeds through implementation with qualified success.

Each work (save three) is a printed image of a digitally altered/collaged image of mounds of crumpled paper printed on a polyester mesh and then stretched over Mylar film. The result for each is an intentionally pixelated vision of an abstracted sculptural form that seems to be luminous. It reminded me texturally of the black screen of a powered-on CRT monitor. Engaging at the outset, Brock takes an unassuming image modified in a relatively unassuming way (crumpled paper made to look as if it had been painted over), and put it to a medium reveling in its own artificiality. A physical object twice removed from its literal presence—once through digital printing and again through framing in the form of a pseudo-3D form on the wall.

This evocative assemblage is repeated with very little variation in nearly 20 works throughout the show. Each presents not as a rephrasing of the last, but as a synonym—not the same materially, but varying neither in thought nor substance. Brock’s remarkable examination of removal from reality through layered artifice is somewhat muted by repetition. The body of work, overall, is successful in both conception and execution, but not as much so as it could have been, due to what I think is a less-than-fully articulated concept.

*Photocredits: Kristen Swartz

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