Project Alley: FFAT April 2016

Images courtesy of BLNKA and the artists.

A new collaboration of Texas Tech students, BLNKA, led to the presentation of Project Alley parallel to the more highly promoted First Friday events. An attempt to utilize the usually overlooked urban spaces of Lubbock as a means to promote local visual art and music, Project Alley assembled an impressive number and variety of contributors.

Instrumental rock by Everything is Sad carrying through they floodlight-lit alleys made for an atmosphere not usually encountered outside places like Austin or New Orleans. Students from the visual arts and architecture presented and sold work largely hung from or leaning against brick building walls.

Promoted primarily through social media before the event, the organic assemblage of artists and musicians added an exciting dimension to the usual selection of gallery, studio, university, and museum events that compose First Friday. I sincerely hope Project Alley and events like it continue to thrive, and they can through enthusiastic attendance, enjoyment of art, and consumption of food truck tacos (not to mention the St. Arnold's free samples of beer).

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