Pickup Chad

I’m going to take advantage of an opportunity here to speak on how unabashedly I love Lubbock. To illustrate its merits, I’m going to talk about my friend.

Chad Plunket, the project manager for Charles Adams Studio Project (CASP) was recently in a serious car wreck. He was hospitalized, and unable to work for some time. He is working part time now as he continues physical therapy with his doctors encouraging lots of rest. His friends in the arts community printed t-shirts and posters as a fundraiser for his lost wages and destroyed truck. The shirts are almost sold out and the posters are running low.

Ryder Richards, Gunpowder Drawing

They have also created “Pickup Chad: A Benefit Concert” as another way to help Chad with his financial losses. The benefit will include food trucks, a silent art auction, and of course, live music by some of Lubbock’s finest.

Art collectors should take advantage of this opportunity. Work is available by such artists as B.C. Gilbert, Ryder Richards, Dirk Fowler, John Chinn, Maisie Alford, Barry Nelson, Jeff Dell, and more. Not only are there “big hits,” but there are antique prints from Charles Adams Gallery starting at ten bucks each, and work from up-and-coming Texas Tech MFAs and Lubbock artists. You can bid through Facebook until the event begins. Click here to see the event and find out how to put your bid in.

Antique Prints, CASP

It seems that Chad’s pain is our gain as a great event has been created for local music lovers, along with a going-out-of-business-level sale on some great artwork. Frankly, this is cool. Still, what I am most pleased with is the network of artists in Lubbock, supporting one of their own. I’m left with the warm fuzzies, glad that I live in this flat, dry landscape with my friends. Come join us when you get tired of hills.

*Editor’s Note: I wanted to include something along the lines of “If art collectors were paying attention to Chad like personal injury lawyers, they would find it’s their lucky day!” but it seemed in poor taste.

Dirk Fowler, Letterpress

Bidding ends at 11:40 PM, Saturday ,September 19th. Hope to see you there.

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