CASP to Build More Downtown Studios

Charles Adams Studio Project (CASP), already a catalyst for the arts in Lubbock, is continuing its growth in the downtown arts district. Not only is the new CASP Foundry under construction with hopes to pour in the fall, The CH Foundation has accepted a grant proposal for CASP to build four new working-studio spaces.

Current CASP Studio/Residences. Imagecredit: Kristen Swartz

Based on schematic drawings of the proposed studios, they are now focusing on creating permit-ready building plans so that construction can begin as soon as possible. The four “Work Studios” will be 20 x 40 feet each, inside of an 80 x 40 feet building. These spaces will be rented to local artists and artist groups who need space to work, as well as interact with the downtown community. The studios will be located behind the CASP: 5&J Gallery building with construction beginning January 2016.

Lot dedicated to studios behind CASP 5&J. Image courtesy of CASP

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