Slaton Fifth Friday: May 2015


Moon Rock- In Between Gallery

As per usual, Slaton offered a mix of commercial, student, eclectic, and installation arts in its May Fifth Friday on the Square.

In Between Gallery, owned by Skip Crawford, boasted a range of works packed tight in it’s multi-room/hallway space. Like old friends, Linda Crawford’s fabric-works dolls were at the end of the procession in the back room.


Linda Crawford - In Between Gallery

MultipliCity, Jennifer Greer Gallery, and DiverCity had a range of ceramic and 2D artists, with a casual, devil-may-care atmosphere, enhanced by a lazy cat in a lounge chair (not part of the art, just a noticeable part of the vibe.)

While I missed the presence of V2 and Waters’ North (both were unopened at the event), Sara Waters’ studio/home/gallery space was a beacon to the square, well-lit stages featuring her pendulous works.

Next door, a hat-making studio, another of Waters’ spaces, had an installation I didn’t notice until we were driving away to go home, and I (kid you not), stopped the car, flipped a “u”-ie, and snuck in to see the tortured bust on the floor. It was dimly lit, and no one was to be found to ask about the piece, who its creator was, if I could touch it, etc. (I later emailed Sara to see whose it was- it belonged to Kara Donatelli). It was one of those “art” moments where you feel you have discovered something, like you are in on it. It was nice to have that unexpected, I’ve-got-to-see-this, experience in Slaton.


Kara Donatelli - Sara Waters' Gallery


Ghislaine Fremaux- In Between Gallery


Cat- MultipliCity


Carolina Arellanos - In Between Gallery


Kristen Swartz- In Between Gallery

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 5.12.24 PM.png

Venue Map from memory- Hannah Dean

Images courtesy of Kristen Swartz (the good ones) and Hannah Dean (the poorly drawn venue map, and the fuzzy ones).

For information on Fifth Friday Gallery spaces, please contact Sara Waters at or Skip Crawford at Slaton holds an art trail on its town square every “Fifth Friday” month.

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