March First Friday Review

Among several Texas Tech MFA thesis exhibitions and faculty and visiting artist exhibitions, March brings some compelling work to Lubbock’s art scene this First Friday. Texas Tech alum David DuBose’s exhibition of prints and mixed media works at the Buddy Holly Center, Above and Below, illustrates his breadth as an artist as well as a distinct and narrative approach to printmaking. Using as a base layer mostly mundane, grayscale photos of daily life, and then obscuring and overlaying them with seemingly unconnected, whimsical layers resembling children’s book illustrations, DuBose reverses the commonly depicted hierarchy of imagination and reality. Extremely so, in fact; he pushes “reality” into the barely discernable background, reducing it to a subtext of the vibrant, semi-allegorical graphics dominating the fore. He thus makes immediate the usually implied, understated relationship among literal people and their scattered, half-synthesized biographical elements.

At the other end of the gallery-spectrum was Form of Flux. The curatorial effort of Texas Tech graduate students Jordann Davis and Francesca Vega brought together the work of 9 artists. Included works by Yasaman Moussavi, Yuan-Ta Hsu, and Nooshin Hakim contributed toward the especially broad theme especially well. Hakim presents two short video pieces, each of which depicts incremental change through a periodic movement, one global, and one highly and personally internal. Yuan-Ta’s photographic people-in-place images are overlaid with colloquial (if idiomatic) samples of language sans context scrawled over them, neatly positing a person, his location, and his language as they merge to form a single flowing composition. Moussavi’s prints depict observers in the midst of external motions and events. Each observer hangs placidly among her surroundings, aware of and possibly shaping them. They appear as the action of a world viewed from an interior castle. Flux indeed.


Image: Red Dog, Blue Dog, archival pigment print, lithograph on Hannemeuler photo rag paper, 13 x 16.5 in., 2012 courtesy of David Dubose

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