From the Art Room: Calling all Students!

Image: TTU School of Art Open House

Carol Flueckiger

My Art Room: a mind palace stacked with a decade of students, studio furniture, and critique walls. Compositions pinned to the wall, the sound of words that put voice to those compositions: balance, intensity, split primary, form, subject, hue, value, implied line, organic shape. Metaphors are tugged out of the form. Synesthesia is at play as pink screams gender issues, green points toward sustainability, Bridget O’Reilly’s Op triggers loud, clear sound with her contrasting lines. The Art Room inhabitants come upon the question of universal truth in visual language. Does blue mean the same thing to all cultures? Is red passion, fury? Our classroom is divided. We start arguing for and against visual language’s ability to communicate across language and cultural barriers. We end undecided. We work toward building sentences and dialogue that go beyond “I like it.” We work toward craft, color-mixing, cutting with X-Acto knives, measuring with rulers, downloading source material, and viewing color theory using the Josef Albers app.

Come and join us! Pin your work to the wall, spread your compositions on the table, tell us what you think! On Friday, March 6, Texas Tech is reviewing high school portfolios form 9:00 – 4:00. We welcome all levels of high school students to join us in this great forum. To sign up, click here>>>

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