A Conversation with col.lab.o.rate


Hannah Dean

The best art exhibitions in Lubbock are not coming in from elsewhere, or from “big-name” artists...rather, they are coming from Lubbock itself. Enter col.lab.o.rate, a Texas Tech student-led group show, organized by Nicolle LaMere:

BB: How did this show come about?

NL: We all work near each other’s studios. I noticed that when that happens, we start to share studio traits, our work begins to mesh. It naturally came about...we had collab. fever! We decided (to take that and) purposefully collaborate.

BB: Was there a consistent theme beyond collaboration...did one emerge?

NL: I can’t speak for everyone, but, community. The creation and nurturing...of a community. There was a lot (of discussion) about the treatment of surface, how one artist may deal with the form compared to their collab. partner.

BB: What’s next?

NL: I hope that everyone is open to working together after this experience. There is a benefit of being uncomfortable...when someone takes your work and says, “okay, you did this, now I’m going to do what I want.” You feel very vulnerable.

We went on to talk about the First Friday Art Trail, and how the energy of our fellow grads was reflected in the participation of the Lubbock community in engaging with art each month. A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Nicolle spoke of how before Lubbock, when attending exhibitions and events, she generally only saw other artists, gallery owners, and curators in attendance. Perhaps it is because of Lubbock’s concentrated area (it is “The Hub”, after all), but the FFAT attendees come from a broad range of backgrounds. The question remains: how do we artists get the community engaged the other 29+ days of the month?




Alberto Careaga and Jillian Cooper

Charles Dreis and Madison Manning

Alberto Careaga and Derek Glenn Martin

Nooshin Hakim and Derek Glenn Martin

col.lab.o.rate Participants:

Pedram Baldari, Victoria Marie Bee, S. Harrison Brooks, Alberto Careaga, Jillian Cooper, Charles Dreis, Brandy González, Nooshin Hakim, Nicolle LaMere, Madison Manning, Derek Glenn Martin, Marissa Matthies, Alexis McGrigg, Charles McLeod, Amy Porter, Noah Wakefield

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