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"Our contributors are a variety of art historians, artists, aficionados, and writers. We provide information on events, critical reviews, interviews, and goings-on in the Panhanlde art scene."

When getting this sort of publication together, one should think about the demand, or the audience. I thought about the name. It probably should have been “The Nepotist.” You know, for the people, by the people...Lubbock’s arts group is tight knit, because we are a small bunch. Sort of. The artists, curators, students, and aficionados here may be local, but the exhibitions, events, and opportunities here are anything but. This brings me back to the name, “The Bowerbird.” In his 2004 piece “Why Nothing Can Be Accomplished In Painting And Why It Is Important To Keep Trying,” James Elkins describes five different kinds of critical art writers. The first (portrayed as base, dismissible) he describes as bowerbirds, because they are random, only searching for things that are blue. I submit that bowerbirds also create large, intricate nests to woo their mates. They are industrious, creating attraction (and function) through the use of discarded items and well, sticks. We here at The Bowerbird intend to bring forth the already vibrant culture of West Texas arts and make it available to a broader audience. Other’s may see but dirt, but we see the makings of something new, exciting, and sustainable. We are reclaiming what is already ours: boasting our beloved, hard-won artists, supporters, and critical writers, and looking towards a bright future. In the spirit of the bowerbird, build it, and they will come.


Hannah Dean


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